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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nutcracker Suite Tablescape

Dedicated to my lovely granddaughter performing in "The Nutcracker" this year, with a major Ballet Company.  

We love Ballet in our family, having had two children dance professionally.  Now another generation is following in their footsteps.

I had the most fun doing this tablescape.  I was hoping to make it whimsical and fun, but also elegant. The top plates are each different and unique, featuring a different Nutcracker Ballet Dancer.

The Sugar Plum Fairy is the featured dancer on this plate.  Look at the Christmas Cracker that matches so closely.  How did I luck out  finding the Cracker's at T. J. Max to match the Nutcracker plates I purchased on Ebay! 

The small blue tree that is the centerpiece picks up the colors in all the plates, as they each feature blues in their colorway.  The ornaments I have had for years.  We used to decorate a tall 10' tree with a Nutcracker theme.  So I used a few of those ornaments for this tree.  I didn't load the tree with a lot of ornaments as I wanted each ornament to stand out.

The second plate in the set is of the Nutcracker himself.  He also has a coordinating Christmas cracker.   

         The 3rd plate is of Clara or Marie holding her Nutcracker.   The plate stacking was so enjoyable to do.  I have a square wood charger resting on the gold pin tuck table cloth.  On top of that charger I have another charger that is gold and is glass.  A white dinner plate next and then a blue with white snowflake doily that I felt would bring all the blues together.  With the adorable china Nutcracker plate on top.  I don't know if you noticed but I have alternated square and round plates shapes together.  Starting with square, then round, then square, round again and ending with square.

 Last but not least my 4th Nutcracker plate is of the Mouse King himself.  He also has a Christmas Cracker placed on his plate that is of the Mouse King.

                       At the top of the tree is a beautiful Ballerina

 A closeup below of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  She looks so much like the Nutcracker plate in my first photo.

 Love this Mouse King ornament.  He is prepared for battle with the Nutcracker.

                          Clara lovingly holding her Nutcracker.

                                            The Nutcracker Prince himself


         I couldn't forget the mice!  There are several on the tree.

 Each place setting has a different glittered Nutcracker used for a napkin ring.  I just took ornaments and fed the napkins through the hanging cord.

Of course you have to have a Sugar Plum Cake.  I made this cake to match the colors of the Cake Stand and the Tree.  Loaded with sugar plums.  I have been waiting for a use for this cake stand from the discontinued Martha Stewart by Mail Catalog.  You never know how you can use your items in the future.

The cake on stand along with the Christmas Tree are part of the centerpiece for this Tablescape.  I gathered netting in white and gold to make a tutu tree skirt

 Glassware are in my collection.  Purchased again at a Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma Warehouse Sale.  Originally kind of pricey, especially the gold goblet.  I really got a GREAT BUY at only a dollar each. 

A few years ago Pottery Barn Kids did a line of Christmas Stockings that were The Nutcracker Theme.  I bought some for a dollar each at "The Warehouse" sale.  They were new but monogrammed.  I removed the monogram and had them re-monogrammed.

My cute granddaughter in her Nutcracker costume.

Although not a "Nutcracker photo" my son and daughter-in-law posing in a Ballet pose for this picture.   We love Ballet at our house!

Please Feel Free to Make A Comment Below.  I would love it!  Sharing with Between Naps on the Porch Tablescape Thursday.

A few of my sources for the items are as follows.  White wood charger Pier One.  Gold glass charger Z Gallerie.  White dinner plate Tai Pan Trading. Blue doily Dollar Tree.  Nutcracker plates Ebay.  Nutcracker napkin rings (really ornaments) World Market.  Blue Cake Pedestal from the Martha By Mail Catalog for Living.  Christmas Tree from Big Lots.


Unknown said...

I love the crackers! They'd be so fun to open with family or other party-goers.

You really are mindful of bringing the table together aesthetically. It's a visual experience!

Unknown said...

What a delightful table. did you go searching for nutcracker plates on ebay?what a find they are fantastic what a truly beautiful table well done.Susie

Marigene said...

Lovely did great matching the poppers to the plates! Love the choice of plates, too.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Candy S said...

I love the nutcracker plates. I had not seen that pattern before so I pinned it right away so I would not forget. What company is your grand daughter with? We have a presentation of the " The Nutcracker" coming up in a week or two here in the Cleveland area. I would love to go, I have been hinting to my husband about getting tickets for it. Your table and the nutcracker tree are lovely. I do adore the ballerina and the sugar plum fairy, the whole tree is wonderful. I signed up for your Emails and started following you on Google+. I am looking forward to your posts.... Candy

candlelightsupper said...

I did search for "Nutcracker" plates on Ebay. The brand is 222 Fifth.