Candlelight Supper: October 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016

Doom Buggy & Mama + Haunted Mansion Wreath 2016

Last year on my Blog I did a post about a Doom "Bugy" with my Haunted Mansion License Plate and Doorbell.  With the Disney Haunted Mansion in mind.  See it here.

This year as promised I have added upon this theme.  I have made a Mama Skeleton to push the buggy.   Plus one other skeleton, that is kind of a flirt sitting on a park bench. 
This scene is part of my outdoor decor.  Unfortunately I got very few photos outside.  The wind has been blowing for 3 solid days and I couldn't compete with the wind blowing everything about.   So... I moved everything inside until the wind calms down.

I have also decided to show my "The Nightmare Before Christmas countdown wreath".  This is my version of the one hung on the top porch in Disneyland every year at the Haunted Mansion.  

I had also been working on a Hearse with a Ghost Horse pulling it along, or maybe flying along.  You know Jack Skellington delivers presents in a coffin sled.  See it here.

Mama is carrying her little handbag from Kirk's Folly.

       She has such beautiful Spider Web eyelashes, don't you think?

          Wearing her self portrait cameo.  Made especially for her.

I made the cane from a piece of bamboo sprayed black and used a dollar store skull for the handle.

                                  Every vehicle has to be licensed

The skirts are a hoop skirt from IKEA children's costume area.  Not only does it look like bones but gives a Victorian detail.  It came in a cream color.  I randomly sprayed it with black paint for a grayed look.  Over that is a layered tulle, net, and organza skirt.  Short in the front and long in the back.  The back has a built in Bustle.

             A black velvet jacket with satin lacing down the back.

I added some jeweled lace trim on the shoulder with of course a spider for a little dress-up trim.

A black lace parasol helps complete the look of a Victorian lady.

Lace up boots with lovely lace trim that matches the lovely lady's blouse.

                       Don't let the Zombie flamingo crash the show!

                                        A little blush on the cheeks!

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Some sources:  World Market, Zombie flamingos.  Hoop skirt IKEA.  Bustle skirt, dress trims, cameo, & hat, Ebay.  Jacket is my own.  Jewelry, manicure Dollar Store.  We made the clock.  Outdoor bench.  
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tablescape

Welcome to The Nightmare Before Christmas Tablescape

Two of my little granddaughter's love, love, love this movie.  Lily who is almost three asks me to watch it with her almost everytime I see her.  She loves to sing and dance to the words and music "this is Halloween".  She thinks that is the name of the movie!  She is very used to costuming as her parent's participate in a group called "Heroic".  It is a charitable organization.  They cater to charities.

The top plates (ceramic) in the plate stacks were some Disney produced quite a bit ago.  Each one has different character's from the movie. 

My tablescape is based on what I have seen in the movie.  I have tried to replicate some of the many amazing details that Tim Burton used.

Even the Mayor who wears a badge proclaiming he is the mayor I have been able to copy.  The satin Mayor badge is really a picture frame that I picked up a few years ago from my favorite pharmacy/gift store at their annual sidewalk sale.

To mimic the arbor to Jack's house, I used an arbor from my yard.  Filling it with pumpkins and garlands with hanging bats.

This count-down clock to Halloween and Christmas that is in a couple of scenes in the movie and hung at Disney parks from Halloween to Christmas.  I made this a few years ago.  I purchased a 48" lit Halloween wreath from KMART online for a super low price.  Decorated with ornaments and I "we" cut a circle from light-weight wood.  Painted it white, used a vinyl spiderweb and months instead of numbers, as is in the movie and Disney parks.  The hands are bat wings and run backwards with a reverse motor.   

I decorated the pumpkin this year using Bat ribbon and a striped ribbon, which I ruffled and then glued a black finial on top for the stem.

     Sally's cupboard.  Filled with drought's for her concoctions.  

                                       Inside the little cupboard.

I gave to Sally my old spice rack.  She painted it black and relabeled the bottles to suit her taste.

This bottle is special.  Layered with the magic black and gold layers for an especially strong potion.

                           Some old Witch parked her broom.  

The broom is large and I couldn't get the handle in the same photo as the brush.  The handle has a hanging spider.

A spooky candle is lit for Sally to read her Spell book so she can use her magic to put her creator to sleep and see Jack.

Jack gave Sally a lovely bouquet of flowers, to say Thank You.....

Our drinking goblets with bone stir sticks and candy snakes from IKEA

This adorable layered rice treat is from one of my favorite places for amazing chocolate treats.  The Truffle Cottage.  I have placed some candy frogs from IKEA on the pedestal.  Sally loves to use Frog's breath to cover the scent of the Deadly Night Shade soup.

You have to have a Gargoyle for The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I have had a couple of Gargoyles in my yard for years.  I got them on a trip to one of my favorite places, Kansas City, MO.  At their weekend City Market, there is a person that sells cement decor which is amazing and oh so reasonable.

The large Sally and Jack figures are from Walgreen's.  I purchased mine last year but I think they have them every year.  The were $25.00 each at full price.  Jack hangs at 6 feet tall.  Sally is about 5 1/2 tall.  They have lots of detail, even cute shoes.  Sally's dress is adorable.  I feel like the price was reasonable.

   Have a Wonderful holiday season "Witch" is fast approaching.

This Nightmare Before Christmas Post is from last year, but we went to the Disney Parks and were lucky enough to be able to get the Oogie Boogie popcorn holder.  My husband also got to be photographed with Jack Skellington and Sally.

I love comments!  I appreciate each and every one.
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