Candlelight Supper: August 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Florals Tablescape

               Summer Florals Tablescape 

Just a month left of our beautiful summer.  I hope you have enjoyed yours.  The state I live in is probably the most diverse in its topography.  A high-mountain desert and the 2nd dryest state in the U.S..  No tropical area anywhere, but diverse in temperature.  Where I live you always have at least a 100 degree variance in the temperature.  It could even vary more than 100.   

Our soils don't naturally have much organic matter and the soil is very alkaline.  Great for lilac bushes.  I don't know what happened this year but my Buddleia or Butterfly bush has grown 12 feet tall.  They are supposed to die back to the ground each winter.  Needless to say it didn't.  I cut some of the branches to use for my centerpiece.  If you see holes in the leaves, that is a good thing.  It means Butterflies are living on my property.  The BEAUTIFUL Monarch butterflies are what I see.

My tablescape of summer florals.

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                                 The table is set for 4.  It will be nice and cool in the house.

For photography purposes, I move the table back towards the window so I can get a better distance photo.

  I have tried to use many colors from the design on the plate for this tablescape.

A little Rose bud in a small bottle at each place.  The adorable detailed bottles originally held bath oil.  I saved them to use for tiny vases.

The large Urn is from Pottery Barn.  They call them "Found" urns.  Originally used as olive jars or wine jars, just depends.  They are kind of pricey, but I purchased this at an outlet for $20.00.  It was a great buy as it is very large and heavy-weight quality glass.  The glass beads were also at the outlet.  I purchased many bags in different colors as they were 20 cents a bag.....

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I will be posting this at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

Sources for the items.  Tablecloth and chargers Ebay.  One of my favs, the yellow gold plates from Thanksgiving Point Emporium.  Napkins, floral plate, flatware, napkin rings from Pier One.    

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Owls & Sunflowers Tablescape

Greys & Yellow-Golds.  Owls and Sunflowers....

I wanted to use my owls for a Tablescape that wasn't Halloween or scary.  I put this Tablescape together after observing an owl flying overhead.

My husband and I were standing at the back of our property at about 10:30 in the morning.  All of a sudden we heard a very loud flapping sound above our heads.  We looked up to see a HUGE owl about 2 feet tall flying above us.  In his rear claws he was carrying breakfast.  I said to my husband, "I thought owls were supposed to sleep in the day".  He said, "I guess not all"!  It was actually amazing to see one in flight and what a surprise it was.  So majestic!  Nature is so wonderful.....

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I really like the greys and yellows together.  Everything assembled on this table was put together from a variety of sources.  The owl plates and large grey/gray owl were from Tai Pan Trading last year.

Grey flatware from Anthropologie.  No piece is exactly the same.  They are hand-crafted.  The coloration of gray varies with each individual piece.

The floral placemat reminding me of an impressionist painting.  This placemat as well as the woven gray are from World Market.  The doubled napkins are also from World Market.  The floral matches one of the placemats.  The cream linen with crocheted gray edge is a nice compliment to the grays.  I put wrong sides together so when the napkins are inserted into the napkin ring from Pottery Barn, no underside will show.    

I am showing you how I did my "stack".  Underneath it all I am using a gray pin-tuck tablecloth.

                                           Little golden owl salt shakers from Cracker Barrel.  

Each person will get a little treat in the gray and white stripe treat bag.  Yellow plate and treat bags from Thanksgiving Point Emporium.

                                                                   He or she is soooo cute!

Tablecloth from Ebay.  White charger plate Pier One.  Sunflower wreath from a Williams Sonoma outlet.  The wreaths available that day were a steal @ $2.50 each.  Goblets are Wilton Armetale.  

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I will be posting this with Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.
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