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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Teal Pumpkin Halloween Tablescape

My tablescape was inspired by two things, the teal spider runner and to help bring attention to Food Allergies, teal pumpkins.  This year, teal colored pumpkins, are being used for a promotion by the Food Allergy Network, highlighting the prevalence of food allergies.  Of which I have a few.  I keep my epi-pens handy.  

                                                           If you click on the photo, they will enlarge for a better view.

Salad plates from Pier 1.  Each plate has a different design and I liked how they have a touch of teal.  

The skull I purchased last Easter from Home Goods.  They were available in several colors and I planned ahead.  I wanted to dress her up a bit so I added the spider web bow. 

I really like this piece of artwork, with the skulls, spiders, and especially the chandelier.  The only thing is there was no teal so I added some Bling, the teal rhinestones.  The chandelier design is also on the goblets, there are also some teal beads on the goblets, so to tie them all together again, I added the teal rhinestones on this piece.  

My mask on its own stand.  I hung a little chandelier ornament on the stand.

Closeup detail of the goblet.  I bought mine last year at Pier 1.  I think there are some similar with the current Halloween line.

This is the pillow I will be placing on each chair.  I am going to tie a black organdy sash on the back with some teal ribbon as well.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween Tea For One???

I was setting up a tea table for my pumpkin friend & someone literally flew in and tried to steal the show!  We'll have to wait and see who it is, for a moment!
                                                                        If you click on the photo's they will enlarge for a better view.

My little tea for one.  With a pumpkin tea pot and bat cozy.  Set on a tray with his favorite hot chocolate and "Hostess" orange flavored cupcake.  A little polka-dot bat wing napkin.

Sitting on a little round garden bench with canopy.  This bench sits in my garden.  It needed to be re-painted.  I used a black paint then every other circular ring on the seat I painted a contrasting white.  For Spring I will paint it a permanent color of either pink, lavender, or a reddish-pink watermelon color.  The bench is all metal.  I have enjoyed decorating the canopy with flowers, fabric, and ribbons in the past. 

I had a Contorted Filbert or "Harry Lauder's Walking Stick" shrub.  It was too hot where it was planted and didn't make it.   I sprayed it with black paint and use it for a Halloween prop.

I have been decorating pumpkins this year.  For this one.  I wrapped it with Bat ribbon.  I then gathered some black and white striped ribbon and topped it with a new stem.  The stem is a finial from PB.  I found it at a PB tent sale for fifty cents.  I love using finials to replace the faux pumpkins stems. 

    I had to include my little "Steampunk" pumpkin.

On No!  Oh No!  An uninvited guest has just flown in.  I don't think pumpkin man will be happy.  

Around the top of the canopy I wrapped both a Halloween and Fall garland.  I used a spider garland that had jewels on it as well.

My Scarecrow doesn't look all the "jazzed" to be having an uninvited Witch just "drop" on in.  So he ordered me to put a canopy over him for some privacy.

Thanks for looking!  Please feel free to leave a comment below.
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Friday, October 7, 2016

Haunted Hearse & Ghost Horse...A Makeover

                                                      (If you click on the photo's they will enlarge for a closer view)
This was a labor of love.  When I found this Doom Buggy Haunted Hearse I thought it was so charming with the cute details and a little "Jack" skeleton driving off.  I didn't have to give a second look.  I wanted it for my "props" collection.  I am very much a "props person."  But as my mother would sometimes say, "you can't leave well enough alone".  Below you will see the before picture.  

Originally it was a dark shaded black.  I didn't think the charming details would show well enough as there was no contrast in color.  So I did several modifications to the details.  Even though I loved the hearse the minute I saw it.  My mind went immediately crazy with ideas to zhizz it up!

This year my daughter Alyssa carved and painted several pumpkins for me.  I was so happy!

I painted both lit lanterns with a gold leaf spray paint, to pick up the other details I had painted gold on the hearse.

Using some jeweled spider rings to add some accents.  I cut off the back of the ring so it would fit flush.  Then painted the plastic rings gold with metallic craft paint and a small brush.

Inside the hearse you will see the casket.  The metal flowers on top were originally black.  I dry-brushed a combination of deep red and white paint on the flowers with a green and white paint on the leaves.

I used 3 dozen Spooky paper roses for the floral spray.  Purchased from World Market.  I have 3 stores within easy driving distance.  Each store only carried one dozen.  So I bought them out at each store.  I would have liked to have 1 dozen more, but alas, World Market wasn't getting any more.  I tied a bow in a black & white striped satin ribbon for the finishing touch.  To brighten the color on the top railing I painted each little ball finial a metallic gold.

I used the same trim I had used around the curtains to make a circle with another spider ring to add some detail the the driver's seat.  I just hot glued it on.  My husband insisted that I leave the hot glue strings on to make the grands think they were spider webs.

I painted all the wheel spokes gold.  To the hubcaps I added some detail and glued a golden skull.  Again hubby wanted me to leave the hot glue strings on. 

My little "Jack" wanted a brightly colored flower to attach to his hat.  I also painted stripes on his jacket.

All of the skeleton's had a dry brush treatment of soft white paint.  For "Jack" I dry brushed his arms, legs, feet, and ribs with the paint.

I wanted to show in this photo the detail on "the drapes".  Originally solid black metal.  I painted them a creamy white and added gray shading for the folds.  Then I added decorative trim and tassels.

The Ghost Horse came from Pottery Barn a few years ago.  I was able to buy it on a closeout.  He looks amazing when hung outside with the gray gauze and the lights blowing in the wind.

Already taking flight for Halloween.  Immediately after Halloween, I will pull the floral arrangement off the top and load it with presents.  I am also going to use a faux pumpkin and cut a hole in the bottom to fit over "Jack's head.  This will be my homage to "The Nightmare Before Christmas".  I think this is the favorite movie of my granddaughter Lily.  This darling is almost 3.  Every time I see her she will say, "let's watch this is Halloween".  That is her name for the movie.

Two of my granddaughter's were able to come over and get their photo taken with the hearse.  My adorable 1 year old Hannah.  She is the baby in the Cinderella carriage Cinderella Carriage Makeover.

Here is our almost 5 year old Genevieve.  She has this amazing thick long hair.  She really dressed the part.  Love her costume that matches.  She was in my photo's of the Cinderella Carriage as well.  You can click on the photo for a larger view.

The hearse is a little over 6 feet long x 4 feet tall x 2.5 feet wide.  I have seen some smaller versions on line.  So now I think I got mine for a great price.

Thank you so much for looking at my blog post today.  Feel free to leave a comment below.  They are much appreciated.

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