Candlelight Supper: Doom Buggy Makeover & Haunted Mansion Doorbell

Monday, October 12, 2015

Doom Buggy Makeover & Haunted Mansion Doorbell

Doom Buggy Makeover

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                           Ghostly apparition in the window.

I just happened to wander into a T. J. Maxx last year.  One that I never go to.  I found this adorable creepy buggy/carriage.  Made from metal with 3-dimensional spiders and a skull head.  Shaped like a coffin for a spooky effect.  I loaded it with pumpkins and placed it on my porch for Halloween 2014.  I really liked it for a Halloween display.

This year I have "zhizzed" it up.   I added some fancy details.  In and of itself it is spooky.  I now wanted to make it fanciful & with some charm  

I first started with the hood.  The metal is in a spiderweb pattern.  I attached some gray tulle with metallic silver dots to the underneath side with some gray embroidery floss.  I did this to the underside so the great spiderweb detail could be seen and not obscured.  I thought the floss looked spidery.  Mainly I wanted the metal to show the curved edges of the spiderweb design.  I left a little ruffle on the edge.  

I then gathered the tulle on the side of the hood and attached some decoration.  To make the decorative poufs I gathered up some gray and gold tulle lace trim by pleating it down the center.  I then made some gray and silver tulle roses.  I did this by folding in half length-wise and gathering the rough edge.  Pulled it tight which made the tulle look like a flower.  I attached the 2 pouf's together with a needle and thread.   Of course I had to add some silver glittered spiders on top.  I attached them with hot glue to the buggy hood.

For a mattress I used 2 layers of 3" foam for a total of 6".  I covered the mattress with gray rose ribbon tulle fabric.  This gathered rose fabric is not organza like most fabrics of this style.  Instead it is made from tulle.  I laid a band of black and silver trim across to look like a fancy fold-down edge of a blanket.  For a little creepiness I added 2 black glittered spiders on top of the bed.  I also made a matching pillow from the ribbon rose fabric.  And... there so happens to be another spider crawling down the ruffled pillow!

Adding ribbons on each side of the handle.  And... an adorable cat skeleton sitting on top of the hood.

One of my favorite things is the license plate,  "Doom Bugy".  Sold at Disney World or Disneyland.  They were always sold out, when I tried to purchase at the parks or online.  This one I bought on Ebay.  It so happens that the seller lived 10 miles from me.  We met up and she sold it to me for a great lower price than she had it on Ebay for, plus no shipping charge.

Next year I want to dress up a skeleton in a Victorian style of dress and have her pushing the empty carriage.

Haunted Mansion Doorbell

We also change out our doorbell each year for the months of September and October.  What we have for the other ten months is a brass and copper Dragonfly.  Just press the dragonfly and the doorbell rings.  For our outdoor Halloween decor we use a replica of the Disney Haunted Mansion doorbell.  It is so fun, it stays lit.

The pumpkin I painted with chalk paint.  I love pumpkins and do all kinds of things with them.  If I don't like the stem I cut it off and replace with something else.  This pumpkin has a Christmas ornament on top.  I think it fits so well as a new pumpkin stem with leaves.

I will be posting on Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.

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Anonymous said...

I Want The Buggy So Bad!!! It Is ABSOLUTELY Amazing like Everything Else!!! -Jaclyn

Anonymous said...

Our baby wants to take a ride in the ride in the doom buggy.Your fabulous creations inspire me.


Pam Richardson said...

Valerie, the buggy is a genius creation! Love all the extras you talented! Blessings, Pam ( said...

I have never seen anything like this Valerie! Oh my, so utterly creepy and cool at the same time! I love your additions this year, the mattress full of spiders and the cat!! Extremely disturbing!! In a good fun way~ I can't wait to see the skeleton mama next year!

Unknown said...

That's a mighty purty make-over! A "silly spook may sit by your side"!

Unknown said...

Beautiful and so creative what you did with this buggy. How you envisioned it from the beginning and made it come thru you are amazinf my friend.Susie

Chatfield Court said...

Love the buggy and the way you zhizzed it up but I'm crazy about that doorbell. So cool!

Sandra Lee said...

That is so clever and cute, pinning!

Parsimonious D├ęcor Darling said...

I am soooo jealous, Valerie! The buggy is FAB, and you've added such glamour! What a cool, cool Halloween prop! The mansion doorbell is such a clever idea too! Pinning!

Emily said...

Let's go for a ride! I will take Hannah for a stroll ! I would like to go down the future of memory lane