Candlelight Supper: Daffodil Bunny Tablescape

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Daffodil Bunny Tablescape

My Daffodil Bunny Tablescape.  Loaded with lilacs.  Inspired by my little lavender, white, and yellow Bunny salad plates.  And my prolific lilac blooms.

Everything used on this tablescape are items I have had for quite some time.  I bought nothing new except the lavender truffles.

My centerpiece is a wonderful fragrant basket of Lilac's.  The heady fragrance is intoxicating in my breakfast nook..  I have over a dozen varieties of lilac bushes in my yard.  I have always loved them.  They remind me of my parent's and grandparent's.   Growing very well here as the soil is very alkaline.  BUT today it is snowing and as we live on the foothill's of a mountain, Flora blooms 2-4 weeks later than just a mile or two away.  It was hard to find lilacs blooming in my yard.   One bush did not fail me, it was in almost full bloom.  My basket is vintage from an antique store outside of Portland, OR..

You know what, I think my basket of lilacs looks like a drawing or picture on a vintage Easter card.

I like to use a lot of colorful egg crates in my spring tablescape's. I really like the lavender and white polka dot one pictured here.

I love the white plastic flatware.  It is so ornate and unique.  Not your usual style of plastic ware.  I originally found them in Newport, R.I..  I now have more, in other fresh spring colors.  

The daffodil napkin rings are from Katherine's Collection.  Purchased a long time ago.  Love the glitter and gossamer fabric!

                          My only purchase this year was the lavender chocolate truffles.

This is an alternate centerpiece.  I am using an Easter/Spring cake plate, showcasing the truffles and some candy eggs.  The eggs came from a little French boutique called Maison de Confisserie.  They sell beautiful candy and gifts.  The eggs are to look like Robin's eggs, quail eggs, and I can't remember what I was told the other blue eggs were.  The flavors in them are unique.  One is a butterscotch with 2 layers of chocolate with a candy coating.  The tan speckled quail eggs are salted caramel.  The other variety is a unique marshmallow double dipped in chocolate with the outer candy coating.  This shop carries unique candy throughout the year, with specialties for holiday's.  The cake pedestal came from Horchow a long time ago, but I think I saw it at a few other places.

Please feel free to make a comment.  I L-O-V-E Comments.  Thank you.

I will be sharing this tablescape with Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.
I'm participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch.


Marigene said...

Beautiful table, Valerie! I can't believe your lilacs are so far ahead of the ones in my area. Mine are barely starting to open...there is rain in the forecast for most of the next 10 days, so with the short blooming season and rain, I won't be able to really enjoy them as I would like. Hope my peonies don't get rained out, too!
Those square chargers are gorgeous! The remind me of the white wood ones from Pier One. Love all the lavender, especially the little glass bunnies. The flower napkin rings are so pretty...I can see them being used on an all white table, too.
I do like the plastic flatware...I found some aqua at the thrift store a few months ago that I am getting anxious to incorporate into a tablescape. I have more ideas than time for tablescapes!

Kathleen said...

We are months away from lilacs here in NY. I haven't seen a forsythia yet, and they are usually blooming by now. Your table is so pretty for Easter. I gave plates like that in a hostess basket, but they were paper! The basket of lilacs steal the show! I can almost smell them!

Natureluvr57 said...

Just breathtaking. If I could reach in and grab anything from the photos, it would be the glassware and bunny candy dish! In Illinois all we have in bloom is daffodils, tulips and the hyacinths are about to bloom. My lilac bush has a lot of buds but it will be awhile until it's in full bloom. Thank you for sharing.

Terri said...

Valerie, mutual admiration for each other's tablescapes this week! That basket of lilacs is gorgeous. It is hard for me to pick a favorite flower, but lilacs rank up at the top for me. My lilacs won't be in bloom for at least a month.

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Valerie!!! I smiled when I saw the title of your blog, as it made me think of "Hyacinth Bucket/Bouquet" on the Britcom "Keeping up Appearances." I love her and the show. You have a lovely blog.


Oh my what a gorgeous lilac tablescape! I have the pretty lilac goblets and love them too.
The basket with the lilacs is gorgeous!
Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love the way you died the eggs to match the tablescape. Your bunny plates are so whimscal and I love your lilacs!

Unknown said...

OOh Valerie I love this table and lilacs are my absolute favorite flower of all time such a a magnificent scent. but seeing as I am a fanatic for cake plates I have to rave over the Easter plate with the adorable charms you find the neatest stuff ever like your crackers and candies WOW Wow wow where can I buy that cake plate?Susie

The Little Yellow Corner Store said...

Hi Valerie, I love your lilac tablescape. Love the plates and the daffodil napkin rings. You are so lucky to have fresh lilac bushes. They make such a lovely centerpiece. Your lilac colored stemware are unique, you just don't find a whole lot of lilac colored glassware. Very beautiful and a touch of whimsy. I love the whole tablescape.

Diane said...

Valerie, your table is so pretty! The way you used the sparkle pieces is wonderful I recently started a "Purple, plum and lavender" board on Pinterest and your table would be perfect to pin - love it!!

Candy S said...

Beautiful Valerie, just beautiful. The lilacs in the white basket with the yellow Easter eggs is stunning, definitely at the top of my list for beautiful Easter centerpieces this year. The bunny plates, the lavender goblets, and lavender napkins with the gorgeous daffodil napkin rings are all just stunning together.

Anonymous said...

You REALLY Are Incredible! So Talented! I Love Every Single Piece!!! Thank You for Sharing Your Amazing Settings, You Are Amazingly Talented!!!!

Rettabug said...

Oh Valerie...this Easter tablescape just takes my breath away! You did a fabulous job & I love all your pretty touches.

You asked on my blog if I sell embroidered items, referring to the Easter Egg with the letter "V" on it. Although I don't sew for the public, I will be happy to make one for you. My daughter's name is Valerie also!

I can't see a way to email you so please come back to my blog, The Gazebo House & click on the gazebo logo to send me an email with your snail mail address. I'll be happy to stitch up the exact same tea towel that I did for my daughter, since I have the design already to go.
Thanks again for your kind comments!


Crystal Grandeur said...

Hi Your table is awesome. Love the bunny's and the eggs. So colourful. The flowers are so pretty. Love the goblets as well. Thank for your kind visit. Have a beautiful day. Love sujatha:)

Sandra Lee said...

Valerie this is beautiful and I love the smell of lilacs! You have very tastefully brought all of these Easter/Spring elements together and created a lovely setting.

Jenny Kavanagh said...

Ohhhh I love the lavender basket!! And the purple goblets Actually I'm loving it all :)
Thank you for linking up at Celebrate your Story! link party - Jenny

Thelma said...

Beautiful table setting. My lilacs don't blossom until the end of June.
I like purple goblets, and the dishes are gorgeous.