Candlelight Supper: Cupid Draw Back Your Bow... Valentines Day Tablescape.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cupid Draw Back Your Bow... Valentines Day Tablescape.

              "Cupid draw back your bow and let your arrow go......"

Inspired by love.  Please feel free to leave a comment.  If you click on photo it will enlarge.

I used roses, wings, and arrows in the centerpiece.  The heart plates are embossed heavily with roses.  The cherubs have adorable wings.  The only thing missing on the plates were the arrows, the adorable Cherubs/Cupids just holding a bow, but no arrow.  So I gave them arrows!  

 I couldn't decide what to use for napkin rings.  On a visit to my favorite pharmacy to check out their Valentine gift area.  I saw these mercury glass gold hearts.  I knew immediately that this is what I wanted for napkin rings for this tablescape!  I loved the detail of the crowns and the silver glitter underneath the crown.


 I found some gold glittered arrows I really liked at the same amazing Pharmacy where I purchased the mercury glass hearts.  I went back to get them the next day and they were sold.  So I purchased Crate and Barrels' aluminum ones.  I sprayed them gold and gave them a spray of gold Glitter Blast as well.  There were holes in the end for hanging the arrows.  I didn't want the holes to show, so to cover the holes I just glued on some pink jewels.

 I have had the glasses for some time.  The clear glass was from Macy's.  the pink with gold detail from a PB Outlet.  

To coordinate and since I am detail minded I have used a pink tablecloth, loaded with fabric roses.  The tablecloth is really a softer pink than my photos show.  I need a new camera!

 The white feather wings at the bottom of plate stacks I will use as a place card holder.  I will add some paper cards on top of the wings.

 Details of the plate stack below.  First plate is the Cherub heart plate.  He is holding a bow.  He needed an arrow, right?

 The pink and white salad plate originally from Horchow.  I purchased from a seller on Ebay who had purchased them at an outlet.

             The pink ruffled edge dinner plate is a vintage plate

            I added some pink and white wings to the floral arrangement. 

I just went to World Market.  They had an adorable set of cupcake papers and toppers that match my tablescape!  The paper cups are white with pink hearts and an arrow, also some metallic gold ones in the same package.  With some 3-dimensional arrows to pierce your cupcake.  I love them!  I just used my regular recipe for the cakes.  For frosting World Market is carrying, (for just the Valentine season) some pink strawberry marshmallow fluff.  I love marshmallow fluff.  The kind that World Market carries tastes the best I have ever had.  It is the same kind I had as a child.  All I did for the frosting was slightly microwave as I wanted it to be runny and drip down and be oh so ooey gooey.  The flavor of the fluff is not too strong.  Just perfect.

I will be posting this on Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.

Sources for some of the items.  Cupid Heart plates, pink vintage dinner plates, pink feather wings, Ebay.  Beaded charger plates, pottery barn outlet.  Feather placemats, Z Gallerie (still available).  Pink and white salad plate, Horchow, via an outlet, via Ebay.  Cupid, Pier One Imports (a few years ago).  Arrows, Crate and Barrel.  White feather wings, Ebay and Pier One.  Glasses, pink ones, PB Outlet, Clear, Macy's (years ago)    

I'm participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch.


Marigene said...

Beautiful tablecloth, Valerie. ♥ the napkin holders, so pretty. I always like to see what you will be using for plates...the heart ones are quite unique and pretty.
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Candy S said...

Just lovely Valerie, I just adore the angle wings and the feather chargers, they make this table sparkle. I also adore the little cherub plates, I have been collecting them for years too.

Diane said...

Oh, what different and beautiful tableware pieces you used in this post! I love the cherub centerpiece and the plates. That is one gorgeous tablecloth, too. You will be having a wonderful Valentine's Day, I think!!

Jacqueline said...

I am swooning over this table and the the French inspired one right before it! We must be kindred spirits because I set my table (didn't get it posted this week though) and used the same tablecloth only in white and used my heart ornaments for the napkin rings. On my dining table I used the gold beaded plates and I made the feathered placemats for Christmas! I also have the wings that I used for Christmas! We adore the same things. This is lovely!

A Toile Tale said...

You win!!! This is the most creative and beautiful table in blogland! Really, really wonderful use of the wings and feathers and the arrows....Oh my!!!
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Very pretty and so creative Valerie. Love the soft pink and your tablecloth is killer. The angel is adorable with the roses. I am going to use my angel wings too. Great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

So the way you have done the heart plates and the arrows. Very creative!

Unknown said...

Ok Val you have gone over the top I swear I thought the last tables you did were so spectacular then I see this Absolutely STunning Masterful GORGEOUS table all I can say is Wow did you ever pull this together.Please tell me where you got the rose tablecloth I have to buy that whee do I get this? I hope I can make my tables lok as stunning as you have done here.Susie

Anonymous said...

Lovely Table. I haven't seen anything quite it.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! There is No Way to Pick a Favorite Every Table is Jaw-Dropping! You are So Good!!! :) -Jaclyn

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are the best! I just love this so much. I wish I had 10% of the talent that you have. Thank you for sharing where you purchased the items. -Alicia McMillan

Unknown said...

Valerie you have outdone yourself again. this table is STUNNING where did you get the cupid plates. I would have so much fun going thru your plate collections this table is seriously gorgeous.Happy Valentines's Day my friend.Susie

Pattie Tierney said...

I just happened upon this post and love this table. It is so sweet and romantic. I love the flowers, and those Cupid plates are both unique and precious. Such a warm and inviting table.